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Risk Assessment & Trade-Off Optimisation


An international oil and gas company faced an aggressive delivery date for the supply of commodities to a client.


A time critical Quantitative Risk Assessment was conducted through the Critical Path Method (CPM) and Parametric Methodology to gain confidence levels with and without the project constraints. Subsequently recommendations were made and implemented resulting in the timely delivery of the commodities. In addition, a 15% reduction in the overall project budget was achieved.

Materials Management & Technology Integration


Set-up and integration of a site material management system with automation software and a RFID solution for materials, equipment and personnel tracking.


Designed and implemented a management system and central database ensuring data driven decision making and total investment visibility through the application and digitalisation of industry best practices.

Fit-for-Purpose Project Governance Standard


Low oil prices determined a shift in strategy and a need to optimise overall efficiency of processes for all of the companies business ventures. Challenges were to improve existing governance standards that would support decision making for all capital investments.


Designed and implemented a fit-for-purpose capital investment management standard and associated system providing a digital tool to facilitate capital investment decision making involving all stakeholders.

Overhead Optimisation During Business Integration


An international consulting company had entered a joint venture (JV) with a company from a developing country to expand opportunities in the region. The JV faced challenges in containing overheads while complying with internationally accepted quality standards.


An evaluation of the newly formed JVs strategic readiness to achieve business objectives and targets was conducted.

Upon facilitating workshops and assessments, a management system and central database was designed ensuring data driven decision making and investment visibility. The newly developed operational processes effectively achieved 70% cost savings in overhead spending.

Maintenance & Shutdown Optimisation


To improve the overhaul process for the Propane Compressor 12000hr Service through Maintenance & Shutdown Optimisation.


Using Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen, the service duration (downtime) was reduced from 17 weeks to 8 weeks and the service cost reduced by 40% and 53% reduction in exposure to potential deferment from over 1mBOE to 0.485mBOE for the facility.

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